House Rules

House Rules 

1. Advantages

  • Academy and University reduce the cost of buying Martial and Civil skills respectively by half after character creation (new skills will only cost 5 XP).
  • Castillian Education gives one extra XP when experience is rewarded; this point can only be used for advancing Civil skills or knacks.
  • Castillian Education can be bought by a non-Castillian at the cost of 20 HP, with GM permission.

2. Character Creation

  • Heroes are created with 100 HP as per the Players Handbook

3. Combat


4. Drama Dice

  • Drama Dice you still have at the end of a session no longer convert to XP; instead, the amount of Drama Dice the GM uses throughout the session will be divided evenly among the crew as XP.  This encourages players to try wacky things and spend DD instead of sitting on them.
  • Drama Dice never roll 1s.
  • You may spend Drama Dice for the following effects once per session: 1 DD = a one time special effect (hitting an opponent in the hand to cause them to drop something, gain Olympic level ability in your Athlete knacks, gain a Fear Rating of 1, etc). 1/2 your DD for the remainder of the session = blatantly break the rules (throw a sword through a fountain to attack an assassin). All your DD and gain none for the rest of the session = survive anything, cheat, or use the Ring of GM Control for one action.
  • Black Karma Dice are the evil twins of Drama Dice, complete with sinister goatees.  They are given out only when players blatantly go against the spirit of the game: outright murder, acts of extreme cowardice or acting like a villain.  If a player earns a Black Karma Die, the GM may use it once to automatically deem the Hero fails any one action or roll, no matter what the outcome may have been normally.

5. Equipment

  • Heroes automatically begin the game with the clothes on their backs, a set of weapons of their choice, and anything extra they have purchased with HP.  We do not bother much with actual numbers when it comes to guilders, instead using Income Levels to have a general concept of how much a Hero has on him and has access to at any point.
  • Any items bought with HP can never be permanently taken.  Weapons that are disarmed find their way to their sheaths when a quick escape is needed, dracheneisen armor cannot be broken, though it may need some repairs before it is fully functional again, and that magic drinking horn just never seems to stay in someone else's hands for long.  This does not apply to items found in-game, though a player may choose to spend XP to bind it to his Hero as if he bought it for HP (the GM has final say on how much XP this costs, though the standard 3:1 is typical).
  • The number of weapons that may be carried by a Hero are limited by how points he has of Brawn.  1 point of Brawn is equal to one heavy weapon and/or musket, OR two fencing weapons and/or pistols, OR three knives or smaller weapons.  This can be divided up however the Hero may want per point of Brawn (IE, if the Hero has 2 Brawn, he may carry a musket, a rapier, and a pistol).  This is known as Nick's Musketeer rule.

6. Skills and Knacks

  •  Exploit Weakness(School Name) gives you +1 to all of the Swordsman Knacks in the school and Attack/Parry Knacks for the weapons of that school.  This only applies when using the school.  

7. Sorcery

  • As well as being Half, True, and Twice Blooded, a sorceror may also choose to be Strong Blooded.  This indicates a level of power greater than a Half Blood but less than a True Blood.  This costs 30 HP at creation, and gives 5 points to divide between his sorcerous knacks as usual.  The Strong Blooded sorcerer can also buy his sorcerous knacks up to rank 4, allowing him to reach the Adept mastery level, but no further.  Strong Blooded Heroes can NEVER be Twice Blooded.
  • Due to the change in the way Drama Dice convert to XP, the Adept Glamour ability now adds a # of XP to the collective that the hero's gain at the end of the session as if the GM has spent them instead of reduce the # of Drama Die that the GM begins the game with.

8. Swordsman Schools 


9. Arcana

House Rules

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