Ragnar the Crimson


Brawn 4                              Reputation – 0                  Background

Finesse 3                            Arcana – Proud                  Vow 4

Resolve 2                                                                   Hunting 2

Wits 1


 Martial Skills

 Hand Axe                     Athlete                        Dirty Fighting                                 Wrestling

        Attack 3                     Climb 1                           Attack (Improvised) 1                  Grapple 1

        Parry 3                       Footwork 3                      Parry (Improvised) 1

        Throw 2                      Sprint 1                           Attack 1

                                         Throw 1

Civil Skills

Hunter                        Skald

        Survival 1                  History 1

        Stealth 1                   Oratory 1

        Perception 1              Sing 1

                                        Write 1


Advantages                            Languages                     

Foul Weather Jack                   Vesten (R/W)

Large                                     Castille 




Siggursdottir School

Double Attack 1                        Apprentice – no off hand penalty; +5 Throw

Throw 2

Whirl 2

Exploit 1 


Immune to fear at all times

Immune to crippling

Wits reduced to 0

+5 to all Brawn checks

Fear Rating 1 (1/3 of Panache) 



Big, mean, angry.

3×3x3 (rough draft)

3 Friends 

 His family – Asha, his wife, murdered at his home

                 Erik and Jarl, sons, murdered

                 Fenrir, his old pet wolf, dead

                 Magnus, brother, missing for years while he searches for a way to stop the Vendel

His handaxes – Asha, blue ribbon tied to  shaft, always in pristine condition

                       Erik and Jarl, plain but strong and proud

                       Fenrir, jagged with a wolf head on end of shaft

Battle, the Fight, Combat – time seems to slow while in a fight;  fighting is a way of life, it is my brother, my father andsecond wife

3 Enemies

Ussurans – don't trust those who need an old lady to protect them, if the stories are true which they always are also, don't  trust those who sleep with animals, it's just not right

Family's murderers – well, they killed my family to start;  one of them, the leader I think, is missing an arm thanks to a

                          well timed distraction from Fenrir and a heavy axe blow from me;  Why did they let me live?  Or did 

                          think me dead?  It is a mistake that will haunt them, I promise this. (Vow 4)

Avalon pretty boys – one tried to steal my Asha from me once with his pretty words, and his pretty voice, and his pretty 

                             face…stupid fairies;  he wasn't so pretty when i sent him running through the woods without any

                             clothes;  Asha told me I had nothing to worry about, and I knew that, but I know the Avalon's

                          tricksy ways

3 Contacts

Death -



Anger -



Hermund – a Vesten mage that lives deep in the woods near my home; he is the one that brought me back from near 

                 death;  I have ran into him before during my hunts and always thought of him as just an odd hermit, now

                 I know him for an odd, kind hermit

Ragnar the Crimson

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